Community Planner (Beautification), DCOP

Job Title: Community Planner (Beautification)

Company/Organization: District of Columbia Office of Planning

Salary: $73,867.00 – $94,504.00

Contact Info/How to Apply: DCOP Website

Position Description:

This position is located in the Office of Planning agency.  The Office of Planning is responsible for land use planning in the District of Columbia, providing vision, framework and principles to guide public and private sector in various development and land use planning.  The agency supports and coordinates efforts to encourage housing and neighborhood enhancement; to expand the employment base for District residents which in compose historic preservation, revitalization planning, statistical services and economic development.  The Revitalization and Design (RAD) Division develops plans and projects for neighborhood and development areas with focus on design excellence, beautification, sustainability, and the enhancement of the District public space.

The incumbent in this position provides technical and analytical reports based on various data collected, or field-work studies.  The primary duties will also consist on reports including graphs, charts, maps, 3-D illustrations, and slide presentations to support findings and recommendations.  Develops design concepts for improvements, and prepares illustrative drawing and plans to guide construction and/or execute strategies for development for building projects.  Proposes designs that incorporate the city’s historical and culture within the context of the District and its communities as meaning of gratification of its past and present.

Prepares community development, study city population and current use of various lands through surveys, field investigations, and other research methods.  Responsible for analyzing collected information, map land areas, projects program costs, and predict trends.  Prepare reports regarding the locations of different infrastructure, as well as population characteristics.